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The business name, H4, is taken from, and intended to reflect the importance of, John Harrison's fourth chronometer, which became known as H4. Creating this chronometer in the 1750's was a revolutionary achievement that, at a stroke, provided a simple and practical solution to the problem of determining longitude at sea.  Harrison's achievement made a profound improvement to safety at sea and still guided ships internationally right up the 1970's when satellite technology and electronic systems began to take over. But Harrison's solution is still effective and still works. As a solution to a problem is is unrivalled.

Finding effective solutions.

H4 Maritime aims to provide the same values of simple, practical and truly effective solutions to its customers. 
The business is run by Captain Desmond Howell, who has an unrivalled background in the work and management of marine administrations.  He is uniquely qualified to advise on all aspects of maritime compliance having worked for over 25 years in the marine administration and ship registry business and having served as a Director and Chief Surveyor in three major international ship registries.

He holds a UK Extra Master's certificate of competency plus a degree in law (LLB Hons.) from the University of London. He is a Fellow of the Nautical Institute and has represented flag states at the IMO and at the ILO  and lectured at the World Maritime University. There are few professionals with the breadth of experience and skills that he brings to the business of making the Conventions work effectively for a flag state. 

He implemented ISO 9001 systems in two administrations and has been the subject of two VIMSAS audits as an auditee.  He has prepared and drafted national legislation to give effect to the conventions in three different administrations and has worked as a consultant to assist several flag states on the development of effective legislation.

He has also undertaken the STCW five yearly audits required by Regulation I/8 for several administrations and is an acceptable person to the IMO to undertake this work. 
Captain Desmond Howell